Men leave people in stitches with ‘big brain thinking’ to move sofa out of house

Moving large pieces of furniture is never an easy task, but three men on TikTok have gone viral over their bizarre strategy for getting a three-seater settee out of a house.

An onlooker named Cillian, uploading under the name @cillian_gc, filmed the spectacle from across the road as the three men tried to get the sofa out through an upper storey window, presumably after failing to fit it through the home’s front door.

The video – which was filmed in Dublin – shows one man in the home slowly lowering the sofa toward the ground.

The other two men were standing on a low wall outside the house, and were using sweeping brushes to hold up the sofa so it didn’t come crashing down.

They manage to lower the sofa to a height where it looks like they would be to take hold of the sofa, but viewers didn’t get to see if they were ultimately successful, as the video ends with the piece of furniture still dangling in the air.

But despite the unsatisfactory ending, the video’s viewers were amazed by the strange technique.

One wrote: “Masters at work, hopefully it was successful!”

While another said: “It worked and saved hours because it obviously didn’t fit through a door, so they would have had to take it apart. They’re big brained.”

And a third posted: “That was actually pretty fantastic.”

Other people didn’t find the strategy to be that weird, as they shared similar stories of their own unique ways of getting large pieces of furniture in and out of a house with narrow doorways.

Someone said: “My brother and I popped out his sitting room window out last September to swap the suites. Took 10 minutes and the window popped straight back in.”

However, some were unimpressed, with one person writing: “At that stage it’d nearly have been faster to carry it down the stairs.”

While another complained: “It would have been easier to unscrew one of the arms off.”