Little boy terrifies mum with creepy story about being run over in his past life

A mum was left creeped out after having a chilling conversation with her son about his past life.

Anna Banana from Texas was sitting in the car with her son when he started talking about being reincarnated.

Creeped out, she grabbed her camera to video the moment, which she later shared on her TikTok account @ana_mana_pia.

In the on-screen text, Anna explains: “My son talked for 10 minutes about how he got hit by a car when he was a baby before he was my baby.”

When the clip begins, the little boy, who is in the back seat of the car, is midway through his story, whereby he recalled being a “baby again.”

Shocked, she asks her son: “You were a baby again?” to which he replies: “Mm-hmm, and I did that again.”

“So you got run over in a past life?” she clarified before looking at the camera, clearly freaked out by her son’s admission.

“I’m still not OK,” she added at the end.

The post has been viewed more than 2.2 million times and attracted more than 338,000 likes and 7,600 comments from parents who shared similar stories of their own.

One person said: “My son told me he remembered seeing me from heaven. He was four. He also tells me he has a sister and a brother in heaven. I’ve had two miscarriages.”

Another wrote: “My middle child used to tell me that he came from a red planet named Mars. That they lived underground. He was about two and had no idea what Mars even was.”

A third put: “We moved to Florida when my son was two and he would ask if we were going to see his other parents and that he was married and missed his two kids.”

“100 per cent believe this,” chimed in someone else. “My son has repeatedly told me he ‘chose me as his mom before coming thru the light tunnel.'”